Net-zero carbon livestock
is our vision to the climate crisis.
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We provide solutions to reduce the livestock enteric fermentation methane
in a sustainable circular economy
and to reuse the methane as a green source of energy.


Livestock industries are responsible for 24% of the total methane gas emission, originating from ruminant enteric fermentation (40%) and manure management (10%). Methane has a global warming impact of almost 30 times bigger than CO2 during its natural cycle of 10 years.


Our mission is to save our planet by creating a sustainable circular economy in the farming industry by reducing methane emission and turning it into a renewable source of energy. First and foremost, we want to reduce the emission of CH4 but in addition to that, we want to capture and store CH4.


Our bright vision foresees a seemingly intuitive solution that can be easily applied in agricultural industries for methane capture and reuse. Our aspiration is to equip all the dairy farms with our technology not only to help combat climate change but also to benefit farmers in the long term from renewable methane waste and provide them additional revenue.


We are a team of three scientists with our cores of environmentalists, caring about our planet and wildlife. Reading about catastrophes happening all around the world every single day, glaciers melting, animal extinction, and natural disasters are worrying us and at the same time motivates us. We build ourselves a mission to have a positive impact on reducing global warming and saving our earth. To play our part we came up with the idea to tackle methane emission from livestock as the largest source of methane discharge.

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